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Islamic Swimsuit Not Hygienic, Yes or No?

Reports from Egypt have been showing that certain resorts were disallowing Muslim women from using Islamic Swimsuits in their pools based on hygiene issues.  The chief complaint being hygiene is preposterous because the Islamic Swimsuit is naturally more hygienic:

1) it covers more of the skin, compare this to the exposed skin of other swimmers, think blisters, open wounds, dirt, sweat, hair, etc.

2) the swimsuit material is anti-bacterial, as it repels most things it comes in contact with including water, sand, germs, etc.

3) it fully covers the hair (imagine all the germs in the hair alone soaked in water, absent this type of swimsuit – germs exchange medium).

I think Muslims and non-Muslims should adopt this type of swimsuit, instead of the “glorified underwear” known as bikini. I believe the resort management response would have been much different, if a Western woman dove into their pool using a diver’s suit, which looks much similar to a Muslim woman swimsuit. The problem is not with hygiene, it is not with the swimsuit, it is with the mind of some Muslim liberals who in the name of modernization abandon tradition and forget about their history. They have a polarized position, they go from +1 to -1. Like good or bad, pretty or ugly, they go from one extreme (hijab-centric) to another extreme (non-hijab). They don’t see anything in-between, they forget that Islam is a middle-ground religion (Deen Al-Waseeta) that accepts the different spectra of society. An Egyptian Bill of Rights can resolve this issue; women and men can practice religion freely even at the swimming pools, this right must be independent of place within the nation. It is non-negotiable.

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