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Hot New Long Skirts!

grey fishtail skirt with grommets

Look modest and stylish in this beautiful fishtail skirt with grommets.

Modest skirt

Play it safe and stylish in this beautiful classic A line skirt.

Have you been on the lookout for the perfect fall skirt?  Look no more because they’re in NOW!  We have two different styles that just came in stock.  One plays big into the fall trend of studs & details (“Motorcycle Chic”) with its stylish metal grommets.  This skirt is 42 inches long, & is 97% cotton 3% linen.  Comes in two gorgeous colors: grey & classic black.
The length of these skirts at 42 inches puts them on the list of longest skirts. Most modest skirts begin at 38 inches and continue up to 40 or 41 inches. Here, we introduce 42 inches.

We also have another style for those who wish to play it a bit more safe, but still stylishly.  Check our our A line skirt also made of 97% cotton 3% linen.  This skirt is also 42 inches long & has two pockets.  You can buy it in two lovely shades which are tan & brown.  

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