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Your First Step with Your Islamic Swimsuit

How to wear Islamic Swimsuit
Your First Step with Your New Swimsuit.

Whether you consider buying an Islamic swimsuit for the first time, or you just bought one, you may be wary to take the plunge.  You may hesitate to go in public in your full cover swimsuit, and for different reasons; you are going aginst the stream, you worry that the swimsuit may not be acceptable at the public pool, among other concerns.  We share below one sample of a frequently asked question at Support Center, which addresses the above points.

Email Question:

Dear Alsharifa,

I really want to go swimming and I love your swimsuits.  I am afraid though of what people will say, or if I’ll even be allowed to swim.  What should I do?

Signed Khadija


Dear Khadija,

Salaam alaikom!  Thanks so much for your note.  It’s actually a common concern, and in fact was a concern of mine prior to starting this company.  I grew up here in the USA (I’m a convert) so I was used to going swimming whenever I felt like it.  After I started covering I really missed swimming.  Yet, I was afraid like you mention of what others will say.

One day I was talking to another convert.  She actually taught water aerobics to non-Muslims.  I was impressed.  I thought, if she could do it, I could do it!  Why not?

Now after all this time I can only say positive things about going swimming wearing full-cover Islamic swimsuits.  My kids enjoy the pool with me too (and that includes my own little hijabi mini-me!).  One great thing about alsharifa swimsuits is that they are designed to be stylish and modest.  There is no reason to wear something not flattering.  That will cause undue attention.  In fact, you may be surprised, but I get many questions from women who do NOT wear hijab.  They like the idea that they could swim in something more than what amounts to glorified underwear.  Over 20% of the swimsuits sales at come from non-Muslims, people of other faiths that would like to have coverage.  Another bonus is that the full-cover swimwear at alsharifa features UV protection to protect your skin from sun damage (of course you still need to use sun block on your face).  In all the times I have worn my suit I have to say I only felt uncomfortable one time which was from an older couple who I think were just genuinely curious.

As far as will you be allowed to swim I have to say that I’m so happy that I live in the USA.  Alhamdulillah we have our first amendment rights which includes free exercise of religion.  This means that you can wear clothing for religious purposes and no one can bother you.   We do hear about reports of people being kicked out of the pools for not wearing proper swim gear.  This is understandable, the last thing a swim pool facility needs is a liability from someone wearing improper swim clothing from cotton or other fabric that would absorb water and get the swimmer to become heavy and possibly drown.

At, to date, we have not had any reports of anyone having any problems swimming in our product.  If any problem should arise please feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help you in any way that we can.

Generally, alsharifa swimsuits are made from Swimwear fabrics, they are water-resistant, chlorine-resistant, soil-repellent, light-weight but with high-density, and in many respects they are superior to other types of swimwear garments such as bikinis, shorts, etc.  Many of our styles are made on the same manufacturing lines where Speedo and other major brands are produced.  The cutting and sewing quality is very high.  More or less, you are looking at a world-class product.  It is unlikely that anyone will stop you from using this product in a public pool, they will have no arguments against it.

I wish you the best of luck with your new swimsuit, I’m sure you will really enjoy going swimming again. 

Walaikom salaam,


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